BigSeq2 by Audio Damage VST WiN X86 X64 Free Download [2023]

BigSeq2 by Audio Damage VST WiN X86 X64 Free

Download [2023]

BigSeq2 by Audio Damage

BigSeq2 is a powerful Multi FX gate or sequencer. The six effect “blocks” contain ten effects in total, and these blocks can be rearranged simply by dragging them, giving you full control over effect routing. Each effects block has a gate sequencer and a modulation sequencer. The gate sequencer turns this effect on and off (or, in the case of the delay block, activates the “send” command), while the modulation sequencer can affect all parameters of this block.

This tool basically comes with 12 sequencers that control 10 effects in 6 blocks. Other than that, it is fully capable of performing any task with ease. From short staccato gate sequences to long and scalable filter sweeps as well as frequency shifts, you can do it all conveniently. In addition, its 6 effect blocks have 10 effects. You can rearrange these blocks by dragging them to control everything correctly.

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This is a tempo-based gate and filter effect perfect for the syncopated beats of modern music. Heavily informed by old-school analog sequencers, BigSeq is capable of both subtle stereo tremolo effects and intense signal manipulation—and everything in between.

BigSeq has gate sequencers for the left and right channels, and a filter step sequencer to control the multimode filter. BigSeq can perform host sync or use its own internal clock and is capable of virtually any musically useful meter, and some not-so-useful ones, for weird polyrhythms and extreme hash effects.

BigSeq2 is capable of everything from short staccato gate sequences to long scalable filter sweeps and frequency shifts, and everything in between.

BigSeq2 by Audio Damage

Key Features:

  • Ten effects in six blocks, each with its own step sequencer, modulation sequencer, and time base.
  • The gate and modulation sequencers in each effect block operate on their own timebase, allowing for different time signatures and stop times for each effect.
  • Each block has various parameters that can be modified via the modulation sequencer for that block.
  • Effect blocks can be rearranged in any order.
  • Each sequencer has three independent modes of operation: forward, reverse, and random steps. Additionally, each of the twelve sequencers can be fully randomized at selectable regular intervals, for exciting modulation and triggering possibilities.
  • Effects included are VCA, Pan, Multimode Filter, Fuzz, Sine Wave Distortion, Delay (with Chorus and Flanger modes), Frequency Shift (which also provides ring and phase modulation), Noise Reduction Sample Rate, Depth of bits, and our own “Error” effect.
  • MIDI Learn on all published parameters for external hardware control. (VST only).
  • Two separately controllable 16-step gate sequencers.
  • Multimode stereo filter with overdrive and own 16-step sequencer.
  • Host, reverse, and selectable synchronization.

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