Blowfish brute Free Download [2024]

Blowfish brute Free Download [2024]

Blowfish brute Free Download

Blowfish brute is a fast and secure encryption algorithm, designed by B. Schneier in 1993. Since then it has never been cracked, despite numerous attempts. It is designed for speed, using only simple operations like additions and bitwise exclusive or (XOR).

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Its speed and strength are due to the fact that it uses a huge key, more than 4 Kbytes of random numbers! Obviously, it is impossible to memorize such a key, but the designer of Blowfish provided an elegant solution: a unique key is selected once and for all, and subsequently modified with a password of your choice.

The alteration is done through repeated rounds of Blowfish encryption, in other words, the key scrambles itself. This self-encoding process is a bit lengthy, but it only needs to be done once per session.

Blowfish brute Free Download

Key Features:

  • Frequency comparisons won’t work because each user has a unique hash. Although the attacker knows the salts, he does not have enough information to determine if two hashes represent the same password.
  • Since there are (probably) no duplicate hashes, there is the same number of hashes as there are users.
  • Cracking a hash will not provide access to multiple accounts.
  • Rainbow attacks cannot reasonably be used because the salts are truly random. Instead of one hash for each password, there should now be one hash for each password multiplied by the number of possible salts. That is a huge number; the resulting tables would take too long to compute and would be too large.
  • Each guesses that the decryption software attempts now must be combined with each possible salt and generate a unique hash for each password-salt pair. This means that cracking 100 passwords takes about 10 times longer than cracking 10 passwords.

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