EP-78 – Electric piano plugin Free Download 2024

siEP-78 – Electric piano plugin Free Download 2024

EP-78 – Electric piano is designed to recreate the feel of a vintage electric piano. It uses subtle tonal changes that are affected by velocity. This is not a Rompler or Sample based instrument. It uses different tuned frequencies to achieve its tonal quality. These can be varied with the Timbre control.

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EP-78 - Download Free Electric piano plugin

The effect of pickup phase is affected by the Phase control. The envelope is designed to respond like an electric piano and is changed with the Decay control. There is a treble and bass control to change the overall tone of the instrument. The Vibrato section has a simple design and includes an emphasis switch to change the sound of the Vibrato. The emphasis is somewhere between a Phaser and a Chorus and adds a bit more interest to the sound.

Key Features EP-78 – Electric piano plugin Free Download

  • Volume module control.
  • Checking the Decay module.
  • Control of timbre and phase effects.
  • Treble and bass control functions.
  • Controls the vibrato, speed, depth, and emphasis of the piano.
  • So what makes this VST different? They are finely tuned frequencies to achieve such a quality of tone.
  • The only major drawback of this VST plugin is the fact that it is only compatible with Windows 64, it would be
  • great if there was a version for macOS and Windows 32.
  • We tested the EP-78 electric piano on Windows 32 and it worked fine too.

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